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Customer Shipping Information
If you are anywhere in the Continental United States, you can still
enjoy the advantages of using Stone Electronics' Repair and
Maintenance Services by shipping your equipment to us.
We accept shipped-in repair and service for all the types of
equipment we service.  

FEDEX, UPS, DHL Airborne, and USPS are accepted carriers.  
For items that are fragile or "freight-sensitive", we recommend that
you use carriers who specialize in "fragile and sensitive

Packaging Tips
Please be certain that all the equipment are packed in a proper,
corrugated cardboard shipping carton. Allow at least 2 inches of
padding on all sides of the carton around the equipment. Wrap
each individual item in bubble wrap or a plastic bag, then use
Styrofoam or crumpled newspaper to fill any empty spaces. UPS,
FedEx, DHL or USPS can assist you best if you do not have the
proper materials.
Please ship all packages insured for its value from customer
address to Stone Electronics address and from Stone
Electronics address to customer address. Stone Electronics
will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.

Shipping Charges
All items must be shipped to us "freight pre-paid".  We do not
accept "freight collect" shipments.  Return Shipments will be
paid for and arranged by the customer  together with the
appropriate insurance coverage.

Estimate Charge
For Ship-in Service, we charge $30.00for estimate.  This
estimate charge is non-refundable.  This estimate charge will
be applied to the repair bill.  If the estimate is declined, this
payment becomes our diagnostic charge.
4 Easy Steps to using Stone Electronic's Ship-in Service
1) For your questions call us at 323-931-2838.
2) Follow our Packaging Tips when packing your equipment.
Shipping Form.  Please click on the link and fill-in the shipping form.  Print the form and include in the shipment.
4) Ship to: Stone Electronics  7928 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
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